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 Online Users Welcome to Supermodel Obsession, a tumblr dedicated to the Supermodels from the '60s to '90s, who made this era a phenomenon.

Vogue US October 1985"Paris Superlatives…"Model: Gail ElliottPhotographer: Irving Penn

Vogue US October 1985
"Paris Superlatives…"
Model: Gail Elliott
Photographer: Irving Penn

Vogue US May 1991"The Fullness of Summer"Model: Elaine IrwinPhotographer: Marc HispardStylist: Grace Coddington

Vogue US May 1991
"The Fullness of Summer"
Model: Elaine Irwin
Photographer: Marc Hispard
Stylist: Grace Coddington

Vogue Italia December 1988"Piú Preziosa"Model: Kirsten OwenPhotographer: Albert Watson

Vogue Italia December 1988
"Piú Preziosa"
Model: Kirsten Owen
Photographer: Albert Watson

Elle US March 1991"Options from Milan"Model: Yasmin Le BonPhotographer: Gilles Bensimon

Elle US March 1991
"Options from Milan"
Model: Yasmin Le Bon
Photographer: Gilles Bensimon

Elle France March 2nd, 1991"Hot couture été 92 - En scéne avec Billie Holiday"Model: Beverly PeelePhotographer: Tiziano Magni

Elle France March 2nd, 1991
"Hot couture été 92 - En scéne avec Billie Holiday"
Model: Beverly Peele
Photographer: Tiziano Magni

The New York Times Magazine August 25th, 1980"Fall Fashion: Everything Goes"Model: ImanPhotographer: Bert Stern

The New York Times Magazine August 25th, 1980
"Fall Fashion: Everything Goes"
Model: Iman
Photographer: Bert Stern

Vogue Paris February 1971"Les filles de l’an 71"Models: Susan Moncur & Isabelle WeingartenPhotographer: Guy Bourdin

Vogue Paris February 1971
"Les filles de l’an 71"
Models: Susan Moncur & Isabelle Weingarten
Photographer: Guy Bourdin

Mademoiselle October 1986"Super Extras"Model: Suzanne LanzaPhotographer: Gilles Tapie

Mademoiselle October 1986
"Super Extras"
Model: Suzanne Lanza
Photographer: Gilles Tapie

Elle France May 19th, 1986"Cheveux - Les 3 soins vitalite"Model: Stephanie SeymourPhotographer: Michel Comte

Elle France May 19th, 1986
"Cheveux - Les 3 soins vitalite"
Model: Stephanie Seymour
Photographer: Michel Comte

Vogue Paris March 1971"Prêt-á-Porter ‘71"Model: Willy van RooyPhotographer: Helmut Newton

Vogue Paris March 1971
"Prêt-á-Porter ‘71"
Model: Willy van Rooy
Photographer: Helmut Newton