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Elle France May 19th, 1986"Cheveux - Les 3 soins vitalite"Model: Stephanie SeymourPhotographer: Michel Comte

Elle France May 19th, 1986
"Cheveux - Les 3 soins vitalite"
Model: Stephanie Seymour
Photographer: Michel Comte

Vogue Paris March 1971"Prêt-á-Porter ‘71"Model: Willy van RooyPhotographer: Helmut Newton

Vogue Paris March 1971
"Prêt-á-Porter ‘71"
Model: Willy van Rooy
Photographer: Helmut Newton

Vogue US November 1999"At First Sight"Model: Gisele BündchenPhotographer: Steven MeiselStylist: Grace Coddington

Vogue US November 1999
"At First Sight"
Model: Gisele Bündchen
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Grace Coddington

Vogue UK March 1983"Beauty: First Impressions - New Kiss of Colour"Model: Iman (with her daughter Zulekha Haywood)Photographer: Eric Boman

Vogue UK March 1983
"Beauty: First Impressions - New Kiss of Colour"
Model: Iman (with her daughter Zulekha Haywood)
Photographer: Eric Boman

Vogue Italia March 1973"Bellezza"Models: Carole Singleton & DeborahPhotographer: Sarah Moon

Vogue Italia March 1973
Models: Carole Singleton & Deborah
Photographer: Sarah Moon

W December 1998"Breathless"Model: Shalom HarlowPhotographer: Steven Klein

W December 1998
Model: Shalom Harlow
Photographer: Steven Klein

Vogue US April 1989"The Paris Revue"Model: Naomi CampbellPhotographer: Peter LindberghStylist: Grace Coddington

Vogue US April 1989
"The Paris Revue"
Model: Naomi Campbell
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh
Stylist: Grace Coddington


Kylie Bax photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 1996


Kylie Bax photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 1996

Vogue Italia October 1969"Bollettino della Bellezza"Models: Francoise Rubartelli, Marisa Berenson, Editha Dussler & MouchePhotographer: Irving Penn

Vogue Italia October 1969
"Bollettino della Bellezza"
Models: Francoise Rubartelli, Marisa Berenson, Editha Dussler & Mouche
Photographer: Irving Penn

Vogue US 1978Model: Janice DickinsonPhotographer: Albert Watson

Vogue US 1978
Model: Janice Dickinson
Photographer: Albert Watson